This guide covers simple ideas and knowledge utilized in the HVAC&R undefined. up-to-date with study subsidized by means of ASHRAE and others, this quantity contains 1,000 pages and 39 chapters masking common engineering info, simple fabrics, weather information, load and effort calculations, duct and pipe layout, and sustainability, plus reference tables for abbreviations and logos, I-P to SI conversions, and actual homes of fabrics.

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With turbulent flow, friction loss depends not only on flow conditions, as characterized by the Reynolds number, but also on the roughness height E of the conduit wall surface. The variation is complex and is expressed in diagram form (Moody 1944), as shown in Figure 13. Historically, the Moody diagram has been used to determine friction factors, but empirical relations suitable for use in modeling programs have been developed. Most are applicable to limited ranges of Reynolds number and relative roughness.

The rate of thermal radiant energy emitted by a surface depends on its absolute temperature and its surface characteristics. A surface that absorbs all radiation incident upon it is called a black surface, and emits energy at the maximum possible rate at a given temperature. The heat emission from a black surface is given by the Stefan-Boltzmann law: aGAPS I- Ll qemitted, black = AsuT? = CUT: where E is emissive power, and E is emissivity, where 0 s E s 1. For a black surface, E = 1 . Nonblack surfaces do not absorb all incident radiation.

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