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Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage

The Apple ][ used to be quite the pc designed from the floor up that will kick off own computing on a wide scale. however the Apple I took the most important step of all. a few extremely simple options are very demanding to do the 1st time. This laptop informed the area that small desktops shouldn't ever back include geeky entrance panels, yet fairly with human keyboards, able to variety on.

Surviving the SOC Revolution - A Guide to Platform-Based Design

From the stories: "This e-book crystallizes what may well turn into a defining second within the electronics - the shift to platform-based layout. It presents the 1st finished guidebook should you will construct, and use, the mixing structures which could quickly force the system-on-chip revolution. " digital Engineering instances

Language-driven Exploration and Implementation of Partially Re-configurable ASIPs

Expanding complexity of contemporary embedded structures calls for method designers to ramp up their layout productiveness with out compromising functionality targets. this can be promoted through sleek digital process point (ESL) recommendations. Language-driven Exploration and Implementation of partly Re-configurable ASIPs addresses a massive section of the ESL region via modeling partly re-configurable processors through high-level structure Description Language (ADL).

Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP 2004 Workshop Reader: ECOOP 2004 Workshop, Oslo, Norway, June 14-18, 2004, Final Reports

This 12 months, for the 8th time, the eu convention on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP) sequence, in cooperation with Springer, is pleased to o? er the object-oriented study neighborhood the ECOOP 2004 Workshop Reader, a compendium of workshop stories bearing on the ECOOP 2004 convention, held in Oslo from June 15 to 19, 2004.

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3) The verification process can be incremental and start as soon as the first application is available. (4) Functional verification is simplified, since bugs caused by, for instance, race conditions in the integrated application, are independent of other applications. Another benefit of composability is that independent applications create well-defined liabilities, which is important if applications are developed by different parties [97]. IP protection is furthermore improved, since the verification process no longer requires the IP components of independent software vendors to be shared.

An illustration of a basic memory controller is provided in Fig. 1. We use this architecture as a starting point and extend it with additional elements throughout this chapter until we reach the final design, previously shown in Fig. 12. 2 Predictable SDRAM Back-End As previously mentioned, our approach to predictable memory controllers requires a useful bound on: (1) the bandwidth offered by the memory, and (2) the time to serve a request. Satisfying these requirements is straight-forward for stateless Zerobus-turnaround (ZBT) SRAM memories, where the available bandwidth simply corresponds to the product between the width of the memory interface and the clock frequency, and a word is served with a fixed latency of one clock cycle.

The size of the atoms are fixed and determined at design time. The size of an atom is chosen to be the minimum request size that can be efficiently served by the resource. For an SRAM, the natural service unit is a single word, but it is much larger for an SDRAM with predictable memory patterns. In this case, the service unit might be between 16 and 256 words, depending on the memory device and the patterns. Using fixed-sized requests in the memory controller furthermore simplifies other blocks in the architecture, resulting in a faster implementation.

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