By Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell

Good stories are represented during this quantity through Frank Dobie and through Riley Aiken, Roger Abrahams, and Kenneth Goldstein. additionally incorporated are E. Bagby Atwood who analyzes the diversities of the cacophonous customized of the charivari or shivaree because it has been saw in several instances and areas. George D. Hendricks compares models of the beginning and nature of girl, and John Q. Anderson surveys origins of move names, between different themes lined during this volume.

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Hah,' say the boy who don' know wad ees a feeg. ' Wad chu know! The dam fool keed, he eat a frog. " "Fine," I said, working fast with my pencil. " "Mebbe so, mebbe no, chu no like a story 'bout San Isiro? Okydokie! San Isiro, he had a girl wan time. She wanna go to a peekneek and she borrow a reeng from anudder girl. That girl she geed seek an' die. These girl, she no like to ask for reeng back from a dead girl, bot wan day she go to San Isiro an' tellum: 'San Isiro, the girl, she die I loan um reeng.

He was a little old man whose age was well on the worse side of that of the worldwhich is to say, somewhat beyond fifty. His weakness was women. Now don't get me wrong. Mi tío's good deportment was always in the clear. His only sin was an indolent levity in the presence of the ladies. I remember one morning when some comadres of the hacienda were having a gabfest in the kitchen of doña Cuca. "Buenos días," said a shadow in the doorway. "Come in, tío Aurelio," said doña Cuca. And that did it. The fox was in the henhouse, so to speak, and one could not hear himself think for the screams and loud laughter.

Look; I want you to listen well to this that I have to say. I have a flower. At four o'clock in the morning you are to pass this flower Page 17 back and forth beneath my nose and petition God that I be returned to life. " After the execution the friend did all that he had promised Manuelito to do. After the resuscitation he saw to it that his friend should be spirited away to another city. This city was in mourning over the death of the favorite daughter of the emperor. " "Whatever you wish," replied the emperor, weeping.

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