By Helen S. Wright

An issue of Oaths

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What system of signals are you happiest with? ” Rafe frowned, then shook his head decisively. ” He grinned, but it was obviously forced. ” Joshim gestured for Rafe to lie down on the couch. ” Rafe strapped the signal-contacts into place on his wrists, face-to-face with his own contacts. He adjusted them slightly to get the position right and checked his judgement by the readout on the monitor screen beside the couch. Lying down, he twisted comfortably onto his side before strapping the control-contact into place at the back of his neck.

The name woke no echo, nor did he expect it to; if it had, he would have distrusted it as wishful thinking. His father, or brother, or merely somebody who shared his particular genetic mix: it did not matter. As Rafell, he had no connection with the man and he never would. If some belly-kick of fate took him back into the New Empire, he would not have any memory of the encounter with Sajan; he would be identitywiped again. Insurance against an Oath-breaker deliberately recrossing the Disputed Zone.

It can. ” Rafe grimaced. ” “Your medical record…” “Is incomplete, for obvious reasons. ” Rafe shrugged. “Forget I asked. I’ll have to sleep without help sooner or later. ” “If you’re going to be Bhattya’s First, I shall want a full metabolic work up for you,” Joshim commented. ” Rafe asked disbelievingly. “Yes. ” Joshim handed him a small cup of liquid. ” He took the cup away when Rafe had finished, rinsed it out and shut it in the drug-pack. ” Rafe obeyed, feeling the drug starting to work.

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