By Jeff Conant

Half literary feedback, half media research, and half advertising and marketing instruction manual, A Poetics of Resistance presents a refreshingly new tackle the Zapatistas. whereas a lot has been written at the historical past of the Zapatista insurgency and at the communiqu?s of Subcomandante Marcos, little or no has been acknowledged approximately Zapatismo: the ideologies, organizing methodologies, and communications concepts of the circulate. The attraction of the Zapatistas, and their survival, has as a lot to do with their pursuits as with the compelling and wildly powerful language and aesthetics they’ve used to show their imaginative and prescient. Weaving jointly different parts of poetics and symbolism, Zapatismo has emerged as anything completely new: a resolutely radical public family members crusade for human liberation.The first “postmodern revolution” awarded itself to the realm via a fancy and evolving net of propaganda, utilizing a variety of media: the colourful communiqu?s of Marcos; the ski mask, uniforms, toy dolls, and different accoutrements of the rebel or sympathizer; and work of art, songs, and different renowned cultural types. utilising persuasive exposure, myths, and emblems, the Zapatistas either communicated their message and built a transparent aesthetic which could comprise many messages instantly and self-replicate on a world scale. Jeff Conant bargains an attractive and cutting edge instrument for organizers and educators to appreciate how the Zapatistas' method works, and to proceed constructing and refining their powerful messages of participatory, bottom-up revolution.Jeff Conant is a author and activist within the San Francisco Bay sector and the writer of A neighborhood advisor to Environmental healthiness.

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Like a confluence of wa­ ters roiling into a flash flood, thousands of Mayan rebels, some trained for a decade, some for a month, others for a lifetime, descend onto the If the story has been so Poelils of Resislanle colonial bastions of San Cristobal, Ocosingo, Altamirano, and Las Mar­ garitas, spilling into the streets under cover of night. Few shots ring out, mingled with the fireworks of the Mexican New Year. Government offic­ es are taken, files are ransacked, land titles destroyed, computers smashed.

How can they not? Further on we will look at "the presence of a divine dimension" in the communiques, the way in which Marcos introduces the voices of gods long p res umed dead to speak to contemporary conditions from their mythistorical vantage point. For us in the post-industrial "first " world, these gods automatically assume a mythic role, because they exist outside of our lived or perceived experience. But, as part of the living history of the Mayan people, the reintroduction of these gods into national ethical-political discourse gives their presence the qualities of history.

Autonomy vs. Insurgency: A Word on Contradictions When we talk about "the Zapatistas," it is important to note, we are not referring to a single, unitary organization or strucrure; "Zapatis­ tas" generally refers to both the EZLN-the military command whose function is to serve and protect the civilian population and bring the We Are Named, Now We Will Not Die government to the negotiating table-and to 45 the "bases de apoyo"-the rural communities that support the EZLN, governed by autonomous municipal auth ori ties , and more recently by the Juntas de Buen Gobi­ erno (Good Government Councils).

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