By Roberta L. Payne

Presents a bilingual number of ninety-two poems through thirty-five Italian poets, together with works of classicism and passionate decadentism, examples of crepuscularism

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Listen: a cradle rocks slow slowly. A child cries, little finger in mouth; There sings an old woman, chin on hand. The old woman sings: around your little bed there’s roses and lilies, all a sweet garden. In the sweet garden the child falls asleep. The snow flakes slow, slow, slow ... November Gem-like the air, the sun so bright that you find yourself looking for apricots in flower, and you feel in your heart the bitter whiff of the hawthorn ... But dry is that thorn, and the stick-like plants of black woof mark that clear sky, and empty seems heaven, and earth hollow resounding to the footstep.

I draw near. But my mother opens her eyes: she speaks: “Oh, why don’t you make a fire? ” 15 re d i t us the retur n [From “Catullocalvos”] Il Ritorno “Tua madre – mi scrivono un giorno – sta male ... sta peggio” poi ... ” Su rapide rote io ritorno. È pallida l’aria; ne cade la pioggia con stroscie sonore: son tutta una pozza le strade. “Non parla, non vede – a la porta mi dicono – più! ” M’accosto al suo letto: ella un poco li occhi alza: ella vede, ella parla: “Oh, povero bimbo! ” 16 g i ova n ni pasco li The Return “Your mother” – They write me one day – “is ill ...

E muoio, un poco, ogni giorno. Vedi: come le cose. Non sono, dunque, un poeta: io so che per esser detto: poeta, conviene viver ben altra vita! Io non so, Dio mio, che morire. Amen. 36 serg io cor azzini but I would not be a poet; I would be only a sweet and pensive lad who chanced to pray, just so, just like he would sing and would sleep. 5 I take Communion of the silence, daily as of Jesus: And the priests of the silence are noises, since without them I would not have searched for and found God.

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