By A. R. Katritzky

(from preface)The current quantity involves 5 chapters, 3 of that are on topics formerly lined in those advances.The photochemistry o( oxygen- and sulfur-containing heterocycles is complementary to the evaluate at the photochemistry oi' nitrogen heterocycles that seemed in quantity 30: jointly those chapters replace an past evaluate of the photochemistry of heterocycles (all via S. T. Reid). which seemed in 1970 in quantity II. Paudler and Sheets have up-to-date their overview of the overall chemistry o( naphthyridines, which additionally seemed in quantity II. additionally, van der Plas. Wo/niak. and van den Haak have particularly thought of the reactions of naphthyridines with nitrogen nueleophiles. mostly from their very own vast investigations during this area.Hermecv and Mes/aros have surveyed the chemistry of pyrido| l.2-

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A review of the literature published between April 1970 and March 1972

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Yates, J . Ory. Chem. 35,3682 (1970) P. Yates. A . K. Verma, and J . C. L. Tam, J . C. S. Chrm. , 933 (1976). Sec. B] OXYGEN-A N D SULFUR-CONTAINING HETEROCYCLES 35 by ketene formation has been proposed i n 2,5-diphenyl-3(2H)-furanone (200)to account for photorearrangement to the lactone (201)' 6 2 A 2-benzyl2-liydroxybenzo [b]furan-3(2H)-one has been reported to undergo the photochemical equivalent of a benzilic acid rearrangement. ' 66 The photoreactions of 2(3H)- and 2(5H)-furanones have also been extensively investigated.

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