By Robert West (ed.), Anthony F. Hill (ed.), F. Gordon A. Stone (ed.)

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Chem. , Dalton Trans. 1987, 2793. (h) Fontaine, X. L. ; Kennedy, J. ; Base, K. J. Chem. , Dalton Trans. 1990, 2887. ; Kennedy, J. ; Fontaine, X. L. ; ThorntonPett, M. J. Chem. , Dalton Trans. 1993, 1261. (j) Jones, J. ; Kennedy, J. ; Lawrence, A. ; Thornton-Pett, M. J. Chem. , Dalton Trans. 1993, 1269. (k) Pisareva, I. ; Chizhevsky, I. ; Petrovskii, P. ; Bregadze, V. ; Dolgushin, F. ; Yanovsky, A. I. Organometallics 1997, 16, 5598. (l) Pisareva, I. ; Dolgushin, F. ; Yanovsky, A. ; Balagurova, E.

65(4)1], with each {Cu(PPh3)} fragment attached via an Re–Cu bond and two B–H,Cu agostictype linkages. Each pair of B–H,Cu interactions uses one a-B–H and one b-B–H in the Re-bound CBBBB face. IV MONOCARBOLLIDE–METAL COMPLEXES WITH NON-ICOSAHEDRAL CORE FRAMEWORKS The material reviewed in this Chapter hitherto has focused on metallacarboranes in which the metal atom is a vertex in an icosahedral cage framework. 4 However, Brellochs’ recent development of the reaction of decaborane with aldehydes to give 10-vertex monocarboranes37 permits a considerable expansion in this area of boron cluster chemistry.

III. Intramolecular Alkenyl-Migration Reaction of Alkenylchlorosilanes . IV. Friedel–Crafts Alkylation Reaction with Organosilicon Compounds . A. Alkylation with Allylchlorosilanes . . . . . . . . . . . B. Alkylation with Vinylchlorosilanes. . . . . . . . . . . C. Alkylation with (o-Chloroalkyl)chlorosilanes . . . . . . . D. Alkylation with (Polychloroalkyl)chlorosilanes . . . . . . . V. Hydrosilylation Reaction with Triorganosilanes . . . . . . . .

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