By David Icke

Because the horrendous day of September eleventh 2001, the folks of the area were informed the massive Lie. The respectable tale of what occurred on 11th of September is a delusion of untruth, manipulation, contridiction and anomaly. David Icke has spent good over a decade uncovering the strength that used to be quite at the back of these assaults and has travelled to forty international locations in pursuit of the reality. He has uncovered their group of workers, equipment and schedule in a sequence of books and movies

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The President of the United States, as with the Prime Minister of the UK and elsewhere, is a position for lieutenants of the Illuminati, not generals or colonels. They are used to play out the game in the public arena and, so long as they do that and say what they are told to say, their careers will flourish and their horrendous secrets will remain "in-house". Fail to serve the dragon, however, and you press the self-destruct button, as with John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby. There are those, like the Bush family and Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, who willingly and enthusiastically dance to the Illuminati tune and take the "power" and rewards that come with that.

Bush served the Illuminati in China while Kissinger and the Chinese were supporting Pol Pot in the genocidal war on Cambodia that led to the systematic extermination of millions of Cambodians. Bush returned home in 1975 when he received a telegram from Kissinger saying that he was being nominated by President Ford (Kissinger in other words) to be Director of the CIA. Bush held the post in 1976 and 1977 and he is so fundamentally involved in CIA activities to this day that in 1999 its headquarters compound at Langley, Virginia, was named the George Bush Center for Intelligence.

Economic correspondents, most of whom have no idea what is going on, will tell you that boom and bust is part of some natural "economic cycle". It is not. It is systematic manipulation by the Illuminati to steal the real wealth of the world. During a boom many people get themselves into more debt. The vibrant economic activity means that businesses borrow more for new technology to increase production to meet demand. People borrow more to buy a bigger house and a more expensive car because they are so confident of their economic prospects.

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