By A.R. Yngve

A trip TO THE ISLAND referred to as EARTH...

What may need occurred if extraterrestrial beings had visited our global, the genuine global, this day? What wouldn't happen?

On a tiny Pacific atoll nicknamed ALIEN seashore, a gaggle of guys and ladies come nose to nose with amphibian viewers from space.

They needs to discover ways to comprehend those enigmatic viewers, sooner than the planet is thrown right into a conflict that can't be won... and in doing so, comprehend themselves.

ALIEN seashore was once initially published as an online serial in 1999 at the author's web site, and later in POD paperback structure. this is often the 1st model of ALIEN seashore for the Kindle.

Some reader reactions to prior editions:

"I'd hugely suggest a person who is into sci-fi to learn this loose on-line novel. the tale touches on such a lot of basic degrees, it is going to depart you speechless."
-Mark Jones, united states (2005)

"It's fascinating once we get to be so on the subject of the characters (,) that once the booklet finishes we think as though we have been wasting a few shut friends."
-Mario Andre Dias Pacheco, Brazil (2003)

"If you enable your self elect it and do not permit your self get distracted by way of your eyes rolling each once in a while, you'll want to get pleasure from it as a pleasant gentle, virtually Golden Age-feeling technology fiction novel (although displaying the shortcoming of a Golden Age editor)."
-Karen Burnham (2006)

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No one, she swore, no one was going to see that dream again. She rushed into the shower and tried to scrub the shame off her skin... S. President over his cellphone. r. yngve - alien beach 60 "No, sir, there was no trouble. The Navy boat came over and picked up the videotape of the party this morning. You'll receive it later... didn't the air surveillance pick up the singing? They did? Thank you, sir. It was a great success. The Sirians are marvelously civilized. But there was one thing... our historian passed out, as you may have heard.

Yngve - alien beach 40 Carl tried to remember the speech he been preparing, then thought: To hell with speeches. This, this is what I really want to do. He stretched out his sweaty right hand, a little shaky and pale. Ranmotanii, carrying an inscrutable closed-lips smile on his face, stretched literally stretched - forth his right arm, elongating it a few inches. At its end, the tip had a kind of stalk-like thumb, with four longer, softer finger-stalks branching out along its base. A little awkwardly, eyes focused on each other's hands, Carl and Ranmotanii intertwined their fingers.

I'm afraid so, Bruno. " The German's head sunk down, and he knotted his fingers so tightly together they whitened. Some great inner tension kept him on edge, something he was deathly afraid of revealing... except maybe in his dreams. Lazar had to make an effort not to ask Bruno directly, and let Carl do the talking. "Bruno," Carl asked softly, "what was recorded from your dreams? " The man's entire body shivered with his sigh. "I'd rather tell you everything, than let you see my dreams. " Carl nodded toward Mats, who handed Bruno his mind-recorder.

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