By J. Neil Schulman

"A cautionary story with a nerve-racking resemblance to earlier background and destiny percentages" (Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate), "Alongside evening" portrays the final weeks of the world's maximum superpower and ends on a victorious notice of wish.

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The reaction was as expected. The policeman realized his mistake too late to prevent several marchers from clobbering him with their picket signs. The cardboard did not do him very much damage, but it did cause him to release Elliot, who took the opportunity to push through the marchers in the confusion and emerge on the east side of Columbus Circle. Then, picket sign and all, Elliot bolted into a full run up Central Park West. 72 Alongside Night When he felt he had run as far as he could without bursting his lungs, he slipped into the outside front basement of a brownstone building and sat on the steps, catching his breath.

At the door this time was Dominic, a small Puerto Rican man, whom he greeted on his way to the elevators. He waited several minutes before an elevator arrived, then rode it up to the fiftieth floor and fumbled for his keys while walking down the corridor to his apartment. ” There was no answer. Elliot looked into his parents’ bedroom, but no one was there, so he tried Denise’s room. It was also unoccupied. Elliot then looked into his own bedroom, the guest room, the bathrooms, and even the storage closets; there was no sign of anybody, and all the suitcases were gone.

Not another Gloaminger. “I said, ‘If Thou art God—’” “I heard you the first time,” Elliot told him. “Oh, hell,” said the Gloaminger. ” Elliot asked. “No time to talk,” the Gloaminger said. He handed Elliot a Alongside Night 69 tract and walked up to a little girl nearby. “If Thou art God, I offer—” Elliot looked the pamphlet over. —An Introduction to Gloamingerism, and was published by the Church of the Human God. The Septagram—symbol of the Gloaminger’s “Seven Paths to One God”—embellished the front of the tract.

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