By Ken Mitchell

Hitlers break out, extraterrestrial beings, Roswell...Global conspiracies. So 1999. yet what in the event you found clues that made you think that differently. Clues to anything which may swap our figuring out of recent historical past, with apocalyptic implications for the longer term. How some distance may you pass and and lots more and plenty might you possibility to reveal the reality.

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In the closing stages of the war, our night-bomber boys started reporting strange flying objects — they called them Foo-fighters. Name kinda stuck. Anyway, we suspected they might be some type of new secret weapon. But the strange thing was, they didn’t shoot our boys down — they just flew right alongside them. ’ said Truman. ’ Stimson nodded. ‘Seems they were not only invisible to radar, they could screw up the radar in our night bombers. ’ ‘The Krauts called it the Feuerball — the Fireball. ’ He clasped his fingers together into a clam-like position.

Bit of this, bit of that, you know how it is …’ said Turk. Curtis made a mental note: Turk’s still unemployed. He didn’t push it. ’ asked Curtis, changing the subject. Turk’s eyes lit up. Computer gear was something he was passionate about. In fact it was probably one of the only things Turk was passionate about. ‘Let’s just say it took four-and-a-half minutes to load Windows,’ he said proudly. Curtis nodded in appreciation. He had to hand it to him — that was fast. He asked the obvious question.

Jesus, it’s going to land on our deck, Thomson realised. He didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t covered in the training manual. But the sight of the strange spherical craft hovering silently beside the icebreaker was mesmerising. A stairway extended from underneath the craft, and stopped just short of the Northwind’s helipad. He could make out a pair of legs now, stepping down the ladder. They were booted legs. Wearing khaki green. US Airforce khaki green. Climbing awkwardly down the thin stairway came the entire flight crew of George One.

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